of the Azov-Black Sea Ornithological Station

Basic principles of peer review in "Branta" Transactions

  1. The first step of peer review is to assess whether the paper fits in the range of scientific issues elucidated in the Transactions and complies with requirements to the manuscript layout.
  2. Basing on the subject of the manuscript, at least two reviewers are assigned.
  3. The reviewers assess the relevance, originality and methodological level of papers, as well as their compliance with the ethic rules for scientific publications.
  4. In case of controversial reviews, the independent external reviewers (narrow experts in this field) are mandatory involved.
  5. The review procedure is anonymous for both the reviewers and author(s).
  6. Reviews are submitted in writing and ended with the conclusion that accepts for publication (taking into account possible editing and revision) or definitely refuses the paper.
  7. In case if the paper is returned to the author for improvement (accepted but needs some revision), the author resubmits the paper with all the improvement having made, and gets the second review. After that only minor changes are possible, and the third review is given. Only two resubmission of the revised publication are allowed. If the final (third) review concludes that there is a need to refine the paper, then the paper is rejected.
  8. After a series of editorial revisions the final version of the paper is sent to the author for his final proofreading and consent to publish the paper as presented.


Ethical standards

The Transactions of the Azov-Black Sea Ornithological Station “Branta” strictly follows ethical standards based on the standards of the Committee on Publication Ethics (COPE).

Submitting the article to the journal, the author confirms that he adhered to scientific ethics and all the rules and requirements adopted in the journal (see below). The editorial advisory board of "Branta" in turn guarantees to take measures to ensure high ethical and professional standards while working on the each article.

Authors and Authors responsibilities

The responsibility of editors and reviewers


Actions in case of detection of violation of ethical standards

Guidelines for contributors to the transactions of the Azov-black sea ornithological station “Branta”

General requirements

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The right to the published article belongs to the editorial advisory board "Brantа"

The author agrees that in the process of editorial preparation the article can be slightly changed, but only with the author's agreement.

The author gives his consent to the publication of the electronic version of the published materials on the website of the journal and/or other relevant Internet sources.

The author(s) retains the right to the used materials (data), original illustrations and author's techniques.


Open access

The Editorial Board post all published articles on the website of the journal.

The articles are posted on an open access basis in accordance with the principle that the publication of research results is freely available to the public and promotes a wider global exchange of knowledge.

Electronic versions of the journal articles are published under the creative Commons license "Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives" 4.0 worldwide.