of the Azov-Black Sea Ornithological Station


Issue №12 (2009)

Data on avifauna of Taman' Peninsula

Belik V.P., Vetrov V.V., Milobog Yu.V.

Composition and diversity of passerine bird assemblages in the floodplain deciduous forests during the breeding season (Belarus)

Sakhvon V.

Dynamics of numbers of birds of wetland complex and its tendency on the islands of Dzharylgachsky Bay

Ardamatskaya T.B.

Structure, number and spatial habitat distribution of summer aviafauna in the central-foothills area of Daghestan

Vilkov E.V.

Changes in breeding avifauna of Anseriformes of the Crimea connected with anthropogenic succession of Sivash and steppe part of the peninsula

Grinchenko A.B.

Common Buzzard (Buteo buteo) in Mykolaiv Region.

Redinov K.O.

Iranian endemic Artemia urmiana in hypersaline Lake Koyashskoe (Crimea, Ukraine): a preliminary discussion of introduction by birds.

Khomenko S. V. , Shadrin N. V.

The initial period of autumn migration of birds on Tarkhankut Peninsula (2006-2007).

Diadicheva E.A., Maksalon L., Busel V.A.

Characteristics of migratory movements of White-fronted Geese Anser albifrons and Bean Geese Anser fabalis (Aves, Anseriformes, Anatidae) across Ukraine.

Poluda A.M.

Individual, inter-seasonal and geographical variability of egg coloration in the Common Crane. Suggestion of a new method. Communication 2. Inter-seasonal and geographical variability of egg coloration. Discussion.

Winter S.V.

Modern approach to description of volume and surface area of bird eggs

Mitiay I.S.

Species, number and distribution of birds of prey of the Irpen river floodplain (Zhitomir and Kiev regions).

Domashevsky S.V., Kostyushin V.A., Pismennyi K.A.