of the Azov-Black Sea Ornithological Station


Issue №5 (2002)

Black-headed Bunting in the Crimea: current area, number and biology

Kinda V.V., Grinchenko A.B.

Current status of birds of prey in the Ingulets river basin.

Milobog Y.V., Vetrov V.V., Strigunov V.I.

Feeding behaviour of Little Stint and Curlew Sandpiper in the breeding areas of the North-Western Taimyr.

Kirikova T.A.

Ecology of Magpie (Pica pica L.) on the Obitochnaya Spit (the Sea of Azov).

Koshelev A.I., Pokusa R.V., Koshelev V.A.

Distribution and number of waterfowls during the period after breeding in Stensovsko-Zhebriansky plavni of the Danube delta in 2002.

Koshelev A.I., Popenko V.M., Koshelev V.A., Chichkin V.N.

Migration, concentrations and conservation of Crane in the Middle Europe (review).

Prange H.

About birds, not connected with large water bodies on their wintering grounds, according to counts taken in the south of Ukraine during January 2000.

Andryushchenko Y.A., Oleynik D.S., Gorlov P.I.

Demise of Great Bustards and other bird species because of their collision with power lines on the wintering grounds.

Andryushchenko Y.A., Beskaravayny Stadnichenko I.S.

Rare birds on Lebyazhy Islands.

Kostin S.Yu., Tarina N.A.

Successful breeding of White-tailed Plover in Kherson region

T.B.Ardamatskaya, I.I.Chernichko

Distribution and number of Marsh Harrier in the Ingul river basin.

Vetrov V.V., Milobog Y.V., Strigunov V.I.

Additional data on ornithofauna of the steppe Crimea on example of the Saki City Park.

Gavris G.G.

About birds of prey migration in the foothills and mountains of the Crimea in autumn 2000.

Domashevsky S. V.

The observations of Gyrfalcon (Falco rusticolus) in winter in the south of Ukraine.

Kinda V.V.

Colony of Grey Heron in Velikomikhailovskoe Forestry (Dnepropetrovsk region).

Koshelev V.A., Boyko V.A.

The first flight of Barn Owl (Tyto alba alba) into Melitopol region in winter 2002.

Koshelev A.I., Belashkov I.D.

New data on breeding of Paddyfield Warbler in Kharkov region

Nadtochiy A.S.

The first case of nest parasitism of Cuckoo on Sedge Warbler in Kharkov region.

Nadtochiy A.S.

Reed Warbler as a host species of Cuckoo in the north-east of Ukraine.

Nadtochiy A.S.

The first registration of Serin in Kharkov region.

Nadtochiy A.S.

A discovery of Common Scoter on the wintering grounds in the Crimea.

Pilyuga V. I.

About Ruddy Shelduck breeding in Zaporizhzhya region.

Popenko V.M., Busel V.A.

Unusual terms of bird observations in the near Dniester region.

Tishchenkov A.A.

The information of the regional database on the ringing recoveries available. Report 6. Waders. Dunlin