of the Azov-Black Sea Ornithological Station


Issue №3 (2000)

Breeding birds of the Tuzlovskaya spit.

Gerzhik I.P.

Modern status of Long-legged Buzzard in Ukraine

Grinchenko A.B. , Kinda V.V., Pilyuga V.I., Prokopenko S.P.

Wintering waders of the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta and adjacent territories.

Zhmud M.Е.

Passerine species composition and numbers in the Stensovsko-Zhebriyanskie Plavni.

Poluda A.M., Diadichcva E.A.,Gavris G.G., Davidеnko I.V.

Characteristic of breeding bird’s population in the arboreal habitats of the Kiliya Delta of Danube River

Popenko V.M., Diadicheva E.A.

Breeding birds of the arboreal plantations of the Zhebriyanskaya Gryada.

Popenko V.M., Chernichko I.I.., Vetrov V.V.

Birds of the Kagul Lake

Stoylovsky V.P.

Significance of feeding resources in inner bays and estuaries of the Tuzlovskaya group of limans for migrating waders.

Kirikova T.A.

Number and distribution of marsh terns in the Ukrainian Danube Delta

Nesterenko M.A.

About wintering of Great Bustard in the South of Ukraine in January 2000.

Andryushchenko Y.A., Gorlov, P.I., Grinchenko A.B., Oleinik D.S., Prokopenko S.P.

Small shot as a factor of lead-poisoning of wetlands and waterfowl of the Danube Biosphere Reserve.

Zmud M.E.

Change in the status of pelicans in the Northern Black Sea coast on the border of millennia.

Zmud M.E.

Spoonbill in the Ukrainian part of the Danube Delta

Petrovich Z.O.

Spring migration of waders in the Danube Biosphere Reserve.

Poluda A.M.,,Zhmud M.E.