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Branta Cover Language of the article: Ukrainian Cite: Chernichko, K. Y., Kivganov, D. A., Pidgorna, S. Y., Deli, O. F. (2018). Taxonomic structure of ectoparasites of waders nesting on the Azov-Black Sea coast of Ukraine.. Branta: Transactions of the Azov-Black Sea Ornithological Station, 21, 82-94 Keywords: ectoparasites, waders, monoxenic species, oligoxenic species Views: 1060 Branta copyright Branta license

Branta Issues > Issue №21 (2018)

Branta: Transactions of the Azov-Black Sea Ornithological Station, 82-94


Taxonomic structure of ectoparasites of waders nesting on the Azov-Black Sea coast of Ukraine.

K. Y. Chernichko, D. A. Kivganov, S. Y. Pidgorna, O. F. Deli

Odesa National University by I. I. Mechnikov

The paper analyzes the results of processing materials collected by the authors from 1990 to 2015. The main material is collected in the Tiligulsky and Kuyalnitsky estuaries. The birds were caught both during nesting and during migrations. In total, 949 specimens of 7 species of nesting waders (Recurvirostra avosetta L., 1758, Tringa totanus (L., 1758), Charadrius dubius Scolopi, 1758, Charadrius alexandrinus (L., 1758), Haematopus ostralegus, Numenius arquata (L., 1758), Himantopus himantopus (L., 1758)) of the Northwest Black Sea region were examined. 
As a result of the research on seven species of waders nesting in the North-Western Black Sea region, sixteen species of mites (belonging to the eleven genera, six families, two superfamilies, one suborder) and three species of lice (ones genus, one family, one superfamily, one suborder) were registered.
For the first time in Ukraine 7 species of mites are discovered: Bychovskiata bisulcata Mironov, 1994, Ingrassia veligera (Oudemans, 1904), Ingrassia forcipata (Haller, 1882), Tectingrassia avossetta Gaud, 1973., Sokoloviana mariae Dubinin, 1951, Sokoloviana rehbergi (Canestrini et Berlese, 1881), Longipedia tricalcarata (Trouessart et Neumann, 1888). 
Also, for the 4 species of mites (Bychovskiata pseudocharadrii Dubinin, 1951, Ingrassia veligera (Oudemans, 1904), Ingrassia forcipata (Haller, 1882), Brephosceles haematopi Peterson, 1971) new owners were indicated for the first time. Two of these species (Ingrassia forcipata (Haller, 1882), Brephosceles haematopi Peterson, 1971) were previously attributed to monoxenic species (that occurred only on one host), but studies have shown that they should be classified as oligoxenic.

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