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Branta Cover Language of the article: Russian Cite: Giragosov, V. E., Beskaravayny, M. M., Kostin, S. Y. (2015). New data on some rare and poor studied bird species of the Crimea from observations in Sevastopol Region. Branta: Transactions of the Azov-Black Sea Ornithological Station, 18, 24-30 Keywords: Crimea, Sevastopol Region, hydrophilic birds, distribution Views: 748 Branta copyright Branta license

Branta Issues > Issue №18 (2015)

Branta: Transactions of the Azov-Black Sea Ornithological Station, 24-30

New data on some rare and poor studied bird species of the Crimea from observations in Sevastopol Region

V. E. Giragosov, M. M. Beskaravayny, S. Y. Kostin

A recent ornithological research in Sevastopol Region resulted in new data on 13 hydrophilic bird species of the Crimea. For 1 species (Black-winged Stilt) - a new site of nesting was revealed, for 4 species it was revised their distribution on wintering, for 3 – on spring passage, for other 3 – on movements (vagrants). 1 species (Pomarine Skua) is new for the Mountainous Crimea.

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