of the Azov-Black Sea Ornithological Station


Issue №17 (2014)

Endencies and dynamics of wind power sector developmant in Ukraine

A. E. Konechenkov, G. B. Shmidt

Bird seasonal features of territory Botievo wind farm based on observation spring 2013-2014

P. I. Gorlov, V. D. Siokhin, V. I. Dolynny, A. I. Sidorenko

On the use and avoidance of birds overhead transmission lines in the Crimea

V. M. Kucherenko, Y. O. Andryushchenko, V. M. Popenko

Using results of August bird counts at the Azov-Black Sea coast of Ukraine in the feasibility study for the construction of wind farms

R. N. Chernichko

The methodical recommendations on determining the florocenotic value of wind power stations territories (WPS) and the rarity flora and vegetation characteristic

S. N. Podorozhniy

The study of bats by ultrasound detector in the zone of influence of wind farms in Ukrainian Azov region

A. M. Volokh, V. D. Siokhin, I. K. Polishchuk, P. I. Gorlov

Wind farm and bats are on the south of the Kherson area

Z. V. Selyunina

Monitoring results of deaths of wild birds from contacts with overhead power lines in the Crimea in 2012-2014

Y. O. Andryushchenko, V. M. Kucherenko,V. M. Popenko

The probable analysis of wind power stations building impact on the steppe ecosystems and climate changes

A. V. Vasiluk, M. V. Krivohizha

Prospects of using renewable energy systems on the territory of Big Feodosiya

O. I. Il'yinа, T. Y. Gorbunova, R. V. Gorbunov

Fundamentals of ornithological safety in the power grid environment

A. V. Saltykov

Methods of the use of software for monitoring of seasonal ornithological complexes and estimation of influence of the wind farm

V. D. Siokhin, P. I. Gorlov, A. B. Annenkov