of the Azov-Black Sea Ornithological Station


Issue №1 (1998)

Species diversity of the breeding bird communities in the coastal areas of the Sivash

Andryushchenko Y.A., Diadicheva E.A., Chemichko R.N.

То the question of measuring stability as qualitative characteristic of dynamics of bird communities

Matzura A.V.

European Levant Sparrow-Hawk in the former Soviet Union. Report 1. Numbers and distribution

Belik V.P.,Vetrov V.V.

Whiskered Tern in Ukraine: a historical overview of the numbers and distribution

Kinda V. V., Potapov O.V.

Territorial links of Sand Martin in the South of Ukraine

Chemichko R.N.

General results of ringing Dunlins in the south of Ukraine

Diadicheva E.A., Chemichko I.I., Matsievskaya N.B., Kinda V.V.

Post-breeding gatherings and migration of waders on the eastern coast of Baydaratskaya bay

Chemichko J.I., Gromadzkiy М., Diadicheva E.A., Grinchenko A.B.

Summer gatherings of Demoiselle Crane in the Sivash

Andriushchenko Y.A., Shevtzov A.A.

Premigratory gathering of Common Crane on the Central Sivash

Gorlov P.I.

The eastmost breeding record of Eider on the Ukrainian coast of the Black Sea

Andryushchenko Y.A., Grinchenko A.B.

Coal Tit is a new species of the Lugansk region

Vetrov V.V.

Some notes on the migration of Greylag Geese raised in the Askania-Nova Reserve

Zubko V.N.

About restoration of the Ruddy Shelduck in Ukraine

Zubko V.N., Semenov N.N.

About the dynamics of the feeding macrozoobentos in the Stepanovskiy bay of Molochniy liman

Kirikova T. A.

The new species of Ukrainian fauna

Pilyuga V.I.

Some aspects of migration of passerines through the spit of Biryuchiy Island in spring

Popenko V.M., Diadicheva E.A.

Some notes on the numbers and distribution of Citrine Wagtail in the Donetsk region

Romenski A.V., Chugai S.S.

Some additions to the list of birds of the Donetsk region

Taranenko L.I., Sadulo A.M., Prason A.G.

About breeding of Swallow and House Martin in the limestone precipices

Chemichko I.I., Chemichko R.N.

Biometrics of Sand Martin in the South of Ukraine

Chemichko R.N.

Some notes on the 24 hours’ activity pattern of Grey Heron in the Severski Donets valley

Chugai S.S.

Information from the regional database on the ringing recoveries available. Report 1. Cormorants, herons, gulls and terns

Matsievskaya N.B., Koshelev A.I., Diadicheva E.A.